Ultrasonic Cleaning Jig

The choice of the cleaning jig is one of the most important factor when using ultrasonic cleaning or any type of cleaning system. JCS, we have a dedicated and experience team, specialize in designing all kinds of cleaning jig for all type of parts in the various industries.

Di Water System

In Ultrasonic Cleaning Process it is always recommended to use DI water as the main cleaning fluid as it is an ultra pure water and does not have minerals or other contaminants in it. It provides an excellent bridge for the detergent and there have no chance of depositing minerals on the parts. It can be used in the rinsing of the detergent and will provide stain mark free drying.

DI water is simply water that has most of the minerals and dissolved ion content removed. It is an ultra pure water. The cleanliness of the water is rated as its resistance value. The rating is in M.Ohms.

Filtration In Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

The need for filtration in the Ultrasonic cleaning Line is important when the ultrasonic process is operated on a continuous basis to clean consecutive batches of parts. Under such circumstances, lack of filtration would lead to rapid contamination of the tanks and to the deterioration of cleaning ability.

It is evident that in order for an ultrasonic cleaning system to function effectively on a continuous basis, it must have two essential elements: 1: a filtration system to remove soils as they are displaced from parts: 2: at least two or more consecutive cleaning tanks in series.

Hi Speed Blower

CAIR Engineered Blower & Air Knife Drying System provide wide array applications to different industries/ trades.

Air Knife System is a system that utilizes Cair Blower to direct a steady stream of high pressure air to the surface of a specific material of drying, cleaning or air cushioning.

Inline Heater

In Ultrasonic Cleaning Process, heat is very important in the whole cleaning cycle and the challenge is how to maintain the temperature in the processing tank.

JCS External Inline Heater helps to maintain and control the temperature of all processing tank in the whole cleaning process.

SCADA Monitoring System

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It is software package that is positioned on top of hardware to which it is interfaced, in general via Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), or other commercial hardware modules. It monitors real-time data to instantly view and control I/O points anywhere on the network, delivering real-time information that provides intelligent alarm notification, data acquisition, and remote control from a multitude of communication devices. The system offers powerful alarm annunciation, paging, and messaging tools as well as historical trending.

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