Cleaning Equipment – Automotive Cleaning System


Cleaning Equipment –
Automotive Cleaning System

Model Available:

  • AQS – 1000
  • AQS – 2000
  • AQS – 3000

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JCS- Automotive Cleaning System is designed to clean the Automotives components.

The System incorporates with ultrasonic and high pressure drying technologies to ensure the particles that hidden in the groves area are removed.

It offers the complete all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design to ensure parts can achieve the optimum cleaning efficiency.

  • Fully Automatic System.
  • The User Friendly PLC controlled “Touch Screen” offers to design for easy operator use.
  • Ultrasonic Washing and Rinsing of frequency 40kHz; 80khz; 120khz and 170kHz.
  • Class 100 Enclosure with HEPA/ULPA filter.
  • Safety Features with all necessary interlocking.
  • SCADA – Data Acquisition System (optional).

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