Cleaning Equipment – Cassette Cleaning System


Cleaning Equipment –
Cassette Cleaning System

Model Available:

  • CWS – 6
  • CWS – 8
  • CWS – 10

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JCS – Cassette Cleaning System is designed to clean the Disk Shipping Containers and Disk Process Containers of sizes 65mm; 84mm and 95mm.

The system incorporates with ultrasonics and high pressure drying technologies to ensure the particles that hidden in the groves area are removed. It offers the complete all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design to ensure parts can achieve the optimum cleaning efficiency.

  •  Fully Automatic System with return Basket System
  • Ultrasonic Washing and Rinsing of frequency 40kHz; 80khz; 120khz and 170kHz.
  • The User Friendly PLC controlled “Touch Screen” offers to design for easy operator use.
  • Class 100 Enclosure with HEPA/ULPA filter
  • Safety Features with all necessary interlocking
  • SCADA – Data Acquisition System (optional)

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