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About us

The JCS Story

JCS was established in Singapore in 1999 to provide automation services for the electronics industry. Over the years, we diversified to serve a wide range of industries, including the Hard Disk Drive, Semiconductor, and Automotive industries. Today, we have found our niche in the manufacture and supply of precision cleaning machines and services focused specifically towards the Hard Disk Drive industry.

Despite our strengths in this field, establishing a foothold in the market proved a challenge as we competed with established and recognized players. Our breakthrough came with a contract from Fujitsu. When news spread of our superior service levels and technology, our reputation as a leading supplier of precision cleaning machinery and solutions became firmly established.

The JCS sales arm was set up in 1999 to streamline our precision machinery and sub-assembly services, and ultrasonic and cleaning equipment. By 2003, our Clean Room Cleaning and Assemblies services were in such demand that it was set up as a stand alone service provider.

From 2004 onwards, JCS was further established within the medical device industries. Through various partnerships and technological development, we made significant inroads into these industries, which traditionally have high barriers of entry.

JCS maintains a strong presence regionally. Today, we have an extensive international network; with a sales and technical support office in Thailand and Malaysia, sales network in South East Asia and the United States, providing easy access to our customers the world over.

Our Vision

To become a world-class Cleaning Equipment Builder, Clean Room Service Provider and Contract Electro-Mechanical Equipment Assembly Provider.

Our Mission

To provide the highest standard of design, precision machinery, assembly and integration of equipment, precision ultrasonic cleaning systems and precision components.

Our Value

We are passionate about meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, owners and partners. We respect each individual working together as a team, trusting them to be resourceful in our constant strive for simplicity. We share a commitment to deliver our promises.