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Bearing Cleaning System

Bearing Cleaning System

Model Available:

  • ACM 2000
  • ACM 4000

An automated transfer system engages all the work baskets and advances to their next respective tank simultaneously.

The Wash Tank is equipped with High Pressure Water Spray with detergent to clear away the grease and balance debris. The rinsing stage is designed with cascade rinsing. Fresh DI water is introduced to the system at the last rinsing tank which is the critical rinsing stage. The water is then directed into the second rinse tank and finally the first rinse tank. This design helps to save water while maintaining water quality.

The baskets are transferred into air scanning stage. The blowing time can be adjusted to dispose off excessive water droplets, while waiting to be transferred to the drying chamber.

The final stage is a slow velocity, high air flow oven chamber. Temperature control is achieved by a digital temperature controller with a thermocouple to feedback the actual temperature within the oven. Drying is obtained by circulating heated air. Air is constantly extracted and passed through a HEPA filter to keep the air to a maximum quality.