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Modular Single Tank

Modular Single Tank

Model Available:

  • Wash Tank
  • Rinse Tank
  • Blow Dry Station
  • Oven Station
  • Vacuum Dry Station

JCS – Modular Cleaning System is designed to clean Mould tools, extrusion electronics assembly system parts, chain conveyors, food processing machines, dies, printing components, surgical instruments, wood cutting tools, small machine and mechanical components and laboratory equipment.

It helps to clean types of machined, extruded, polished, welded, brazed, soldered, pressed and stamped parts, and printed circuit boards. This cleaning systems removes oils, polishing compound, lapping compound, brazing flux, solder flux, carbonized deposits, mould flash, oxide film and general manufacturing residues.

This system is an easy to use with the manual operation and the price is very competitive.

  • Multiple Tanks/Processes can be combined to provide integrated cleaning to meet the cleaning requirements.
  • Automatic Robotic Arm can be added for future automation.